Take Back Control of Your Commercial Lot

Take Back Control of Your Commercial Lot

Arrange for commercial towing in Charlotte, NC

Are there unauthorized cars parked on your property? Harris Garage & Towing can tow them away so you don't have to deal with them. Our commercial towing services make it easy for you to regulate your parking lot. We can also tow broken-down or damaged vehicles away from your location.

Count on us for commercial towing services in Charlotte, NC.

Depend on us for vehicle transportation

If you need a vehicle towed, we're your go-to company. We can take care of any vehicle transportation services you need. You can hire us to tow cars in your commercial fleet to a new location. You can also rely on us to get rid of cars that don't belong in your parking lot.

Our full commercial services include:

  • Transporting vehicles from one lot to another
  • Picking up cars that have been on the lot for awhile
  • Towing away illegally parked vehicles

Contact us today to ask about the vehicle transportation we provide throughout Charlotte, NC.